School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Prof. GUO Junhai

Second Language Learning (Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language), Bilingualism and Language Policy

Researcher Information

Message for high school students

As globalization progresses, our human society is facing more challenging issues such as the environment, energy, food, poverty and conflicts. To solve these problems, we need not only professional expertise but also foreign language skills and intercultural understanding competence. How to acquire a new language? What are the factors affecting language learning? How to improve your multilingual skills? How to foster intercultural understanding through language learning? Join us and learn together with the international students about language learning and its relationship with intercultural understanding!

Main courses in charge

  • Lecture Series(Reflective Courses)
  • Basic Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation,Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation(Collaborative Courses)
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment 2,International Experience A,International ExperienceB(Experiential Courses)
  • Degree Project(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses)