School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Prof. HYAKUMURA Kimihiko

Natural Resource Management, Political Ecology, Area Studies on Southeast Asia, Environmental Policy

Researcher Information

Message for high school students

Even when it comes to global environmental issues, there are many aspects that we can’t understand unless we look at what’s happening on the ground at the local level. That’s why we need to do fieldwork, going out to see and hear things for ourselves on the ground and think about them.

The most lofty research into academic topics and policy recommendations began out in the field. While my research focuses on natural resources, such as forests and agricultural land, there are times when I can’t get the full picture about the things on which I want to shed light, such as resource use and issues, unless I go and ask people living in small villages. I get a fresh perspective by having them take me with them to forests and fields cultivated by slash and burn agriculture, and by listening to stories from different viewpoints. In this process of trial and error, there are times when I realize, “Oh, so this is what it’s like!” While there are also many tough aspects, I make new discoveries and have those moments when understanding dawns, and that’s what makes it fun. I hope you’ll all have experiences like this in your fieldwork, too. Please see my web page ( for details of my research.

Main courses in charge

  • Issue-based Research (States and Region Area)/Global and Regional Ecology 1/Issue-based Subjects
  • Global and Regional Ecology(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses/States and Regions)