School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Assoc.Prof. LI Xiaoyan

Knowledge Science; Second Language Learning;

Researcher Information

Message for high school students

In order to connect with the world, we all accumulate knowledge by repeatedly reproducing ideas. 
This process is called 'knowledge creation'. 
Knowledge is not something static only written in books - it can be active or dynamic, too.
Languages and cultures are types of dynamic knowledge. 
In the school of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, we provide courses studying the relationship between language, culture and communication from the perspective of knowledge science. 
We aim to discover ways of creating, sharing, and utilizing different knowledges. This will help us generate ideas about how we build our future together. 

ことばの裏を読もう~暗黙知とは何?~ 九州大学 共創学部×夢ナビTALK

Main courses in charge

  • [ID]Language and Communication A/Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research/Approach Subjects
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment 2/International Learning Courses
  • Issue-based Research (People and Society Area)/LOHAS in a Multicultural Society/Issue-based Subjects
  • Approaches to Language and Communication(Reflective Courses/People and Society)
  • Communication for Argumentation and Knowledge Creation A(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses/People and Society)
  • Communication for Argumentation and Knowledge Creation B(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses/People and Society)
  • Lecture Series(Reflective Courses)
  • Basic Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation,Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation(Collaborative Courses)
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment 2,International Experience A,International ExperienceB(Experiential Courses)
  • Degree Project(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses)