School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University


Muscle Cell Biology,Developmental Biology

Researcher Information

Message for high school students

Within the ISI, I teach the courses with the goal of solving the world's food problems and supervise the Degree Project (thesis research) using biological methods.

Chicken muscle, the subject of my research, is a meat part and a valuable source of protein for human beings. I have tried revealing the formation process of skeletal and smooth muscles scientifically, with aiming to increase the number of meat parts obtained from a single poultry, make waste digestive tract parts edible, and develop cultured meat technology.
At the same time, I aim to apply our research results to the health science field, such as maintaining muscle strength in an aging society, preventing sarcopenia, improving the contractile function of the digestive muscles, and clarifying the mechanism of uterine myoma.

Based on my five years of experience working abroad, I encourage the ISI students in their study abroad and internship challenges. Participation in the international joint research projects conducted in my lab. is also welcome.

Main courses in charge

  • [NS]Biology D/Gene technology /Approach Subjects
  • [NS]Biology E/Genetics and Evolution/Approach Subjects
  • [NS]Biology F/Gene and Biodiversity/Approach Subjects
  • ISI Basic Seminar/Approach Subjects
  • Issue-based Research (Human and Life Area)/Genetics and Developmental Biology/Issue-based Subjects
  • Genetics & Evolution(Reflective Courses/Humans and Life)
  • Developmental Biology(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses/Humans and Life)
  • Lecture Series(Reflective Courses)
  • Basic Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation,Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation(Collaborative Courses)
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment 2,International Experience A,International ExperienceB(Experiential Courses)
  • Degree Project(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses)