School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Assoc.Prof. SAKAGUCHI Hidetsugu

Physics (Nonlinear Physics)

Researcher Information

Message for high school students

My areas of specialism are the fields called complex systems science and nonlinear science. They involve research that uses mathematical models to research complex phenomena in a variety of fields, including natural science, biology, sociology, and economics. The School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation plans to offer an introductory course in complex systems science. I hope that it will provide you with some hints for thinking about things from diverse perspectives.

Main courses in charge

  • Introduction to Complex Systems(Common Basic Courses/Crossing Study Areas)
  • Complex Systems(Reflective Courses/Crossing Study Areas)
  • Lecture Series(Reflective Courses)
  • Basic Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation,Project for Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation(Collaborative Courses)
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment 2,International Experience A,International ExperienceB(Experiential Courses)
  • Degree Project(Interdisciplinary Science & Innovation Courses)