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Delegation from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Visits ISI Nov.11,2022

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, ISI hosted a visit by Programme Manager Brigitta van den Berg, Lecturer Quentijn Wulffers, and International Relations Manager Kim Voogdt from the Faculty of Communication and Creative Business at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). 

The visit was part of a series of visits to Japan by AUAS, with the aim of exchanging views with ISI to initiate student exchange and educational collaboration.

During the exchange of opinions, the characteristics and curriculum of AUAS were explained, followed by a Q&A session and exchange of opinions with Vice Dean/Professor Johan Lauwereyns, Associate Professor Kang Ik Joon, and Associate Professor Li Xiaoyan of ISI. Vice Dean/Professor Johan Lauwereyns also gave an introduction of ISI, and it was confirmed that there are many commonalities between the two schools.

Lecturer Quentijn Wulffers then led a workshop on “Future Literacy” for ISI’s Lecture Series. After the workshop and a brief tour of Kyushu University, the group from AUAS participated as guests in the "ISI Exchange Students Party Fall 2022" hosted by ISI at ITORI-ITO. The group enjoyed a meal prepared with ingredients from the Faculty of Agriculture and conversed with international students currently on exchange at ISI.

After the party, the guests left the university, engaging in endless conversation and enjoying a view outside the restaurant of the first total lunar eclipse in 422 years.

In the future, ISI plans to start considering ways to enhance student exchange and educational collaboration with AUAS.


From left to right: Quentijn Wulffers, Kim Voogdt, Brigitta van den Berg, Vice Dean / Professor Johan Lauwereyns, Associate Professor Kang Ik Joon, Associate Professor Li Xiaoyan

A friendly chat at ITORI-ITO

Pamphlet introducing Amsterdam and the University


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