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Korea-Japan Youth Leader Forum’s Japan-Korea Presentation Exchange Event Held with Participation of ISI Students Jan.29,2024

On January 24, 2024 (Wednesday), amidst the falling snow on a chilly day, approximately 50 students from South Korea visited Kyushu University, Ito campus. A vibrant presentation exchange event was organized with students from ISI actively participating.

After completing a campus tour, the group gathered at Ito Guest House. Following a friendly opening address by Vice President, Natalie Konomi, Associate Professor Toshinori Tanaka from the Institute for Asian and Oceanian Studies, focusing on environmental issues and biodiversity, delivered a mini-lecture.

Subsequently, the students separated into Japanese and Korean groups, and the pitching session began. Under the topics of "Culture" and "Economy," Ms. Kotomi Ideishi and Ms. Aiko Ishii from ISI took charge of the Japanese side, while Ms. Lake Sara and Mr. Nam Hanu handled the questions for the Korean pitches. Ms. Ideishi discussed the need for a paradigm shift in the media of both countries from a feminist perspective, while Ms. Ishii emphasized the importance of learning from each other's strengths in the tourism industry.

Mr. Seojoon Lee, who plans to enroll at Seoul National University, presented the "Culture" pitch for the Korean side, proposing the promotion of cultural exchange through unique minor sports in the region. Ms. Soyeon Park, also enrolling to Seoul National University, presented the "Economy" pitch, suggesting the establishment of a joint semiconductor venture leveraging the strengths of both countries.

Though primarily conducted in English, as discussions intensified, scenes of Japanese and Korean languages being exchanged emerged. The exchange of ideas occurred in a lively yet consistently friendly atmosphere, concluding with warm closing remarks from Vice President Shuji Shimizu.

Following the exchange event, the group moved to Tenjin by bus. After splitting into smaller groups for dinner, they explored the Tenjin area, deepening their connections further.


-Regarding Korea-Japan Youth Forum and this event
The main aim of the Korea-Japan Youth Leader Forum is to foster friendship and mutual understanding among promising college students who are poised to become future leaders in both Korea and Japan. This event will provide a platform for participants to acquire essential debate skills required for global leadership and enable them to build cross-cultural relationships while exchanging diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

At Ito Guest House

From left, Ms.Sara Lake, Ms. Kotomi Ideishi, Mr. Nam Hanu, and Ms Aiko Ishii Casas,students who served as MCs, followed by Korean students

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