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Enjoying Japanese Cultural Fieldwork with Zazen Meditation Experience in Shikanoshima May.31,2024

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, the second Japanese cultural fieldwork organized by ISI took place in Shikanoshima (Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City), following the success of the previous event. This fieldwork aims to provide international students with cultural experiences that can only be enjoyed in Japan and to foster collaborative learning between international students and supporters.

This time, the fieldwork was led by the International Student Coordinator, Associate Professor Xiaoyan Li, with the participation of 11 international students, 4 supporters, 2 academic advisors for exchange students, and 1 staff member.

On the bus ride, while viewing the streets and coastline of Fukuoka, the supporters who had prepared in advance gave lectures on Japanese culture, making the travel time enjoyable.

At Syougonji, a Zen temple with roots dating back to the Kamakura period, participants enjoyed various Japanese cultural experiences such as Zazen meditation, Dharma talks, tea ceremony, calligraphy, and sutra copying. Some students commented, “I want to incorporate the breathing techniques I learned during Zazen meditation into my daily life.”

After visiting Syougonji, the group went to the Shikanoshima Visitor Center. After learning about the history of Shikanoshima, including the gold seal and the Manyoshu*, they visited the shop at the adjacent Kyukamura Hotel, where they encountered local produce and crafts not typically seen in the city.

Through these Japanese cultural experiences, participants were able to deepen their bonds with their peers and spend a fulfilling time together.

*”Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves)” refers to the extensive collection of poems compiled during the Nara period in Japan

Syougonji temple

Zazen meditation


Shikanoshima visitor center

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