School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

The policy for conducting classes of ISI Specialized Courses from fiscal 2021 Mar.19,2021

The classes of ISI Specialized Courses are conducted with maximum guarantee for students to have opportunities to attend classes in person, considering the philosophy and purpose of Specialized Courses and its educational effects. At the same time, classes should be conducted with thorough avoidance of infection risks and measures to prevent infection. Therefore, ISI takes measures based on a policy that enables flexible and swift response, complying with "Kyushu U Action Guidelines" and understanding the social situation.

As the ISI basic policy from fiscal 2021, classes of ISI Specialized Courses are conducted both in person and remotely even at normal times, and ISI prepares equipment and facilities of classrooms, in order to provide classes for students who are studying abroad or who have difficulties in attending classes in person.


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