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Withdrawal of Course Registration for Specialized Courses of ISI and other schools (for Spring Semester and Spring Quarter 2024) May.15,2024


Information for regular undergraduate students of ISI

Students are able to withdraw courses in the case when the contents of the courses are not what you expected or you think you do not have enough knowledge to continue taking the courses. If you withdraw courses, the grade will be indicated as "W", but it will not be reflected in your GPA. If you renounce the courses without withdrawal, your grade will be evaluated as Fail (F) and it will affect your GPA. Therefore, please make sure to apply withdrawal during the following period if you would like to withdraw any courses that you have registered.
Please check the URL below for details.

1.Courses that students can apply to withdraw
  Undergraduate Specialized Courses for Spring Semester and Spring Quarter (including courses offered by other schools)
   ※You cannot apply to withdraw required courses and intensive courses of ISI.
   ※You cannot withdraw KIKAN Education Courses through this application. 

2.Withdrawal Period
  May 16th (Thu) - May 20th (Mon) , 5 pm 【Please be punctual.】

3.How to apply

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