School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University



Tochiku High School (Fukuoka), April 2018 Enrollment

Theme for Degree Project:Eliminating instability of agricultural income
Agriculture × Economic Policy × Management

In modern Japan, primary industry workers are becoming less and less and the successor shortage is a serious problem. My grandparents are farmers and I feel like this problem is not only the their problem, but also mine. I believe that the biggest challenge of agriculture is the instability of income and I assume that more people will choose agriculture as their profession if this challenge is solved. With the feelings of wanting to help my family, I would like to maintain Japanese agriculture, by linking agriculture with other industries.

NAKAMURA Toshihito

Seiun Gakuen (Nagasaki), April 2018 Enrollment

Theme for Degree Project: Space Debris Reduction
Cosmos × Data Analysis × Design

The space debris is a mass of material circling the earth’s satellite orbit at a high speed. It sometimes has a speed of nearly 30,000 kilometers per hour, which is also very dangerous for many satellites even if they are small. For us, who are using satellites for mobile phone communication or data for weather information, this is actually an big task.Therefore, I would like to study the structure of the satellite to retrieve the debris and the data of the debris (orbit, speed, size, etc.) to find efficient ways to reduce it.


Poi Lam High School (Malaysia), April 2018 Enrollment

Theme for Degree Project:Unconscious Bias in Japanese Society
Cross-Culture × Cognitive Science × Discrimination

As foreign residents keep increasing in Japan, more consideration should be given to them. One of the obstacles to create a comfortable environment for foreign residents is the existence of unconscious bias. By studying the unconscious bias, I believe I can be the foundation of further research and ultimately, contributing to the creation of comfortable environment for foreign residents.


Kurume High School (Fukuoka), April 2018 Enrollment

Theme for Degree Project:Ideal Public Education in the Present Society
Education × Society × Politics

The people that society needs have changed with the times. However, the change in the education is relatively slow and our recent education system is not sufficiently adapted to the modern society. My degree project theme is to present the way education should be in order to make the world better place for all people.