School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Cross-Area Subjects

What you’ll consider in this area

Over the course of your life as a student at ISI—and indeed, when you ultimately graduate—you will need to find clues that will lead you to the solutions to issues that you have identified for yourself. In doing so, you will, of course, require a high level of sensitivity to contemporary problems, the willingness to keep asking questions and learning, and an international outlook. Accordingly, we have put together all kinds of programs to foster these qualities.

Nevertheless, the abilities described above are not sufficient to conduct research and debate based on safe methods and the expertise cultivated by humanity over the centuries. You must also learn various modern academic techniques. In addition, you will need the insight required to examine all aspects of those modern academic techniques to identify what they are based on and where they might hold unexpected risks.

What you can learn in this area

Based on the aforementioned view, we offer a number of subjects that involve scrutinizing and fundamentally questioning anew not just various academic methodologies, but the very process of modern science itself. These are what we call Cross-Area Subjects.

The specific modern methodologies involved are programming languages and complex systems science, data analysis methods and big data processing, and fieldwork methods. We also offer classes in the history and philosophy of science, and in science, technology, and society, which question what modern science actually involves and the ideal state of science in society.

Features of this area

The distinctive feature of the Cross-Area Subjects is that they provide an education in sound academic techniques, taught by faculty members who are conversant with the fundamental methods that you will need, no matter which field you choose. What you learn in this area will undoubtedly be of use to you in your graduation research, as well as in any research you undertake after graduation.

Classes in the history and philosophy of science will cultivate the willingness to consider things critically, through questioning anew the methodologies and foundations that have come to be taken for granted in various fields of academia. At Kyushu University, ISI is the only school in which these subjects are incorporated into the standard curriculum.

When discussing contemporary problems with classmates or engaging in international exchange, you must be able to use legitimate, critical means to scrutinize your own arguments and those of others in the world around you. Cross-Area Subjects will provide you with a firm footing in such circumstances.