School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University



A Curriculum Blending the Humanities with Science

Cutting across the existing disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and natural science, the curriculum will instill in students both humanities-based and scientific thinking, along with a diverse array of methodologies, and will feature learning based on practical challenges.


Collaborative Learning (PBL/TBL*)

The curriculum will incorporate collaborative learning in which students discuss themes in groups and learn by working in partnership with others, thereby cultivating a broad outlook, flexible thinking, and multifaceted insight that will enable students to look at things from a variety of angles.

* PBL: Problem-Based Learning; TBL: Team-Based Learning


Classes in English and Japanese

The curriculum will provide classes in both English and Japanese. In addition, intensive language courses that are tailored to each student's proficiency level will be offered. Through this multilingual curriculum, students will be able to improve their language skills to a practical level.

Japanese Academic Courses(JACs)


Sharing Classes

Building classroom environments in which Japanese and international students study together and promoting active interaction between students, staff and faculty members will help to develop Kyushu University as a Global Hub Campus that generates synergistic and collaborative outcomes.


Learning beyond the Classroom

The classroom is not the only place you can learn. Our dormitory provides opportunities for international interaction, through which you can acquire multicultural perspectives. Fukuoka is also an excellent place to learn; the campus is situated in rich natural surroundings, and the city center provides exciting urban experiences. Also, our curriculum offers a chance to participate in internship programs where you can get firsthand experience at Japanese companies.



Lecture series

For our Lecture Series, we invite Japanese and international researchers, government officials and practitioners active in the field in question, and creators to talk about their experiences in order to broaden the horizons of our students. These guest lecturers active on the front lines of each field explain from both academic and practical perspectives what is actually happening in the world at present and how people are responding to those developments.

Lecture series