School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University


Requirements of “Internships in Japan”

To cultivate human resources capable of serving in various areas of the global community, the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation requires all international students to engage in internships in Japan. Through activities in different cultural and historical contexts, students can recognize the presence of different values, deepen their international understanding, and enhance their language and communication skills.

“Internships in Japan, etc.” means activities including two of the following: ① building experience in carrying out activities in different cultures, acknowleding extensively different historical and cultural backgrounds and the presence of different values, ② learning ways of thinking and methodologies of multiple areas of specialties required for problem solving, or ③ carrying out social efforts and historical studies for resolving social issues (① and ②, or ① and ③). International students do not need to study at overseas universities, since they have already experienced study abroad by studying at Kyushu University. As for Japanese students, they are eligible for long-term study at overseas universities, short-term study including project research, survey activities abroad, and internships or volunteer activities at foreign organizations (short-term language study abroad does not result in granting credits of Experiential Subjects). By planning these activities, carrying them out for a certain period of time, and reporting them, credits of “Experiential Subjects”, which are compulsory, are granted.

Preparations for Internships

Activities such as internships in Japan are planned and carried out by the students themselves under the guidance of their teachers. The plans must take into account activity plans, improving language skills, and securing costs for internships. When drawing up the plans, it is important for students to gather information actively.