School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University


While ISI offers a wide range of subjects in which faculty members from a diverse array of fields unstintingly provide their expertise, the increasingly specialized nature of modern knowledge means that these classes cannot cover every aspect of a subject. Moreover, in light of our goal of cultivating creative task-framing skills, ISI students must also study knowledge from many fields and realms other than those covered in standard lectures, so while the framework of university scholarship forms the basic foundation, it is sometimes necessary for students to go beyond those boundaries.

Accordingly, we have prepared the Lecture Series program. For our Lecture Series, we invite Japanese and international researchers, government officials and practitioners active in the field in question, and creators to talk about their experiences in order to broaden the horizons of our students. These guest lecturers active on the front lines of each field explain from both academic and practical perspectives what is actually happening in the world at present and how people are responding to those developments.

While studying at university is enjoyable, the fact is that there are limits to the stimulus that university can provide. We hope that, by attending our Lecture Series, students will come into contact with viewpoints and ideas that differ from those held by the faculty members and others with whom they usually interact, which will serve as a breath of fresh air for their young minds.

   Lecture Series in 2023(For only ISI students)