School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University



Obtain Certificates via Automated Issue Machine.

Convenience store certificate service begins in April 2020. For details, please see here.

Kinds of Certifications Notes
Enrollment (Japanese・English)  
Transcript (Japanese・English)  
Prospective Graduation Can be obtained from mid April in the 4th year.
Results of Medical Examination Anyone who participated in the medical examination in April can obtain this from mid May every year.
Student Discount for JR It cannot be issued at convenience stores. It can only be issued at On-Campus Certificate Machine.

If you wish to issue certificate other than the above, please contact the office of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation.

Form (Request to write the Letter of recommendation)

Submit to the professor

Kinds of Forms Notes Deadline of Request Template Download
Request to write the Letter of recommendation Prepare the form and the attachments, send their data to the professor. by at least 2 weeks of the deadline for submission Excel


Kinds of Notifications Notes Deadline of Submission Submit to Template Download
Notification of Overseas Travel
Pledge for Private Travel
Submit when you go overseas for travel, study, research and so on.
two months before ISI office -
Study Abroad Please check "Moodle"
- ISI office -
Field Work / Off-campus

Submit when you plan to do fieldwork in class, research and so on.

For details

One month before ISI office

Field Work   WordPDF

Off-campus WordPDF

Click here for an example


For both domestic and overseas. Attach the document of acceptance if you have.

If an International student wishes to engage in an internship for remuneration, he/she is required to apply for a Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted under the Status of Residence at the regional immigration office.

Internship before ISI office WordPDF
Change of Address Although you can also register a change of address through the Student Portal System (Campusmate), be sure to submit a change of address form to the office of ISI as well. Any time First year:Student Supprt Division
Second to Fourth year:ISI office
Reissuance of Student Card
Registration of Motorcycle
Change of Family Name etc.
Any time First year:Student Supprt Division
Second to Fourth year:ISI office
Please contact office.