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ISI online short-term program/COIL “Culture, Heritage, and Identity” Mar.8,2023

The School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation (ISI) online short-term program /I-COIL "Culture, Heritage, and Identity—Multidisciplinary Perspectives" was held for 8 days from Wednesday, October 5, 2022, to Wednesday, November 30, 2022. This program was organized by Lecturer David Weiss (ISI) in collaboration with Professor Bui Thanh Huong (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University/APU).

The program offered an overview of the interplay of culture, identity, and heritage in Asian society with a particular focus on Japan. A comparative cultural study approach was adopted in designing the teaching and learning activities to broaden students’ understanding of different contexts and interpretations of cultural identity, memory and heritage in humanities and social sciences.

A total of 27 students, 11 from APU and 16 from Kyushu University, participated in the program. After lectures by Lecturer Weiss and Professor Bui, mixed groups of students from both universities were formed for group work and the program was closed with final presentations.

The students communicated with each other in English and deepened their learning and exchange. A student commented “It was a very valuable experience for me to be able to concentrate on my English study for an hour and a half every week. It was also good to learn more about the formation process of culture and other events related to my future research." It seems to have been a very fruitful program.


Faculty members and students who participated in the course

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