School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University


Building on the active learning skills that Kyushu University requires all students to have, we will develop students’ Backcast Thinking Skills for the Future, Practical Collabrative skills, and International communication skills, Deep Analytical Skills to ensure that they have both the attitude and abilities required for interdisciplinary studies. Our aim is to ensure that students acquire interdisciplinary problem-solving skills while gaining these attitudes and abilities.

Backcast Thinking Skills for the Future

Students can make effective road maps for solving issues through backcast thinking from an ideal future, creating social value and innovation.

Practical Active Learning Skills

Students can explore and acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary for considering and solving issues by themselves.

International Communication Skills

Students can communicate and cooperate with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

Deep Analytical Skills

Students can analyze the root causes and solutions of issues by utilizing different disciplines and perspectives.

Practical Collaborative Skills

Students can establish effective and feasible ways of solving issues and modifying them through collaboration and discussion with people from diverse backgrounds.

Interdisciplinary Innovative Skills

Students can effectively challenge and solve issues byutilizing International Communication Skills, Active Learning Skills, Deep Analytical Skills, Backcast Thinking Skills for the Future, and Practical Collaborative Skills.

Potential future careers of the school's graduates

  • Professionals capable of devising solutions to international and global issues and communicating this information effectively to the rest of the world
  • Experts in designing new social structures and creating new values to solve challenges faced by the international community
  • Interdisciplinary researchers equipped with academic knowledge that transcends the boundary between humanities and science, who will go on to graduate schools within Japan and/or overseas