School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

ISI online short-term program /COIL "Health, Welfare, and LOHAS" Mar.23,2023

School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation (ISI) online short-term program /COIL “Food: Health, Technology and Environment " was held for 10 days from February 13th (Mon) to February 24th (Fri), 2023. The program was jointly hosted by Professor Liang-Tzung Lin from Taipei Medical University and Associate Professor Xiaoyan Li from ISI.

The objective of the program was to learn about the aging population, health and welfare AI, and lifestyle sustainability related to health. Thirty students from Taipei Medical University and ten students from Kyushu University, a total of 40 students, participated in the program. After lectures by specialized faculty members from both universities, the students were divided into groups and engaged in group work and discussions.

Many participants felt that the program was a valuable experience because they do not often have the opportunity to use English in their daily lives. Some students expressed their enthusiasm for addressing mental health and child poverty issues in future programs. Overall, it was a very informative program for all participants.

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