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Visiting students from National Taiwan Normal University to ISI May.19,2023

On Monday, May 15, 2023, the school of ISI welcomed a group of 15 students,majoring in Physics, from National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), led by Professor Hsiang-Lin Liu.

The purpose of this visit was to further educational collaboration, considering the active student exchange between both departments, such as through COIL (Collaborative International Online Learning).

During their visit, the students toured the hydrogen facility and attended the 3rd period class on "Global Performance Theory" by Lecturer Weiss, as well as the 5th period class on "Bioethics" by Professor Lauwereyns. They also engaged in group work with ISI students. After the classes, the students continued to interact and deepen their exchanges. They also had a campus tour, guided by Mr. Yang I, a second-year master's student of Graduate School of Integrated Frontier Sciences, and member of Q-MATE (a student support team) from Taiwan. The tour included visits to the Fuji Gallery, where the "Mongol Invasions" exhibition was being held, the Central Library, etc.

At the end of the day, the students expressed their excitement, saying, "We had a great time!" with shining eyes, and departed the campus. This face-to-face interaction, finally taking place after the COVID-19 pandemic, proved to be an invaluable experience for students from both universities.

The next visit is scheduled for June 19th when the second group of students from College of Education, NTNU will be welcomed.

In front of Building No. 5

Lively conversations during class

Touring the hydrogen facility

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