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Final Confirmation and Add/Drop Period for Specialized Courses of ISI and other schools (for Spring Semester and Spring/Summer Quarter 2023) May.8,2023

Information for regular undergraduate students of ISI

If you need to make any corrections (Add/Drop) after confirming your course registration details on Campusmate, please make sure to apply corrections during the following period.
After this period, course registration will be finalized.
Please note that any requests of corrections after this period will not be accepted.
Please check the URL below for details.

1.Courses that students can apply to correct (Add/Drop)
 Undergraduate Specialized Courses (including courses offered by other schools)
 *You cannot correct (Add/Drop) KIKAN Education Courses through this application.
  To apply for KIKAN Education courses, please follow the instructions of the KIKAN Education Section.

2.Final Confirmation and Add/Drop Period
 May 9th (Tue), 9 am - May 11th (Thu), 5 pm 【Please be punctual.】

3.How to apply


【Points of attention】
・Courses offered in the summer quarter must also be registered during this period.
・Please note that any requests of corrections after this period will not be accepted. (Including courses offered in the summer quarter.)
・Besides this period, there are Course Cancellation Periods, however, you are not allowed to cancel “Required Courses” and “Intensive Courses”.
・In order to confirm that your registration was successfully completed, please log out after registration and logback on to confirm all your registration.

* The number of credits earned through remote classes is limited to a maximum of 60 credits out of the 124 credits required for graduation.
  (However, courses offered in AY2020, AY2021, and AY2022 will not be counted toward the 60 credits above due to special measures for the Corona Disaster.)


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