School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation Kyushu University

Course Registration for Specialized Courses in the Autumn Semester 2023 Sep.28,2023

Information for regular undergraduate students of ISI

We would like to inform you of the course registration for Specialized Courses (including Specialized Courses in other schools) in the Autumn Semester
Please check here for the details.


* As for the KIKAN Education Courses, please follow the instructions by the office of KIKAN Education.
* Please find the timetable of ISI from the following URL.
* The number of credits earned through remote classes is limited to a maximum of 60 credits out of the 124 credits required for graduation.
  (However, courses offered in AY2020, AY2021, and AY2022 will not be counted toward the 60 credits above due to special measures for the Corona Disaster.)

In addition, some ISI Specialized Courses may have individual pre-application requirements prior to the registrationperiod.
(For example, intensive courses, courses with restrictions on taking, etc.)
Just to be safe, please check the syllabus of the courses you wish to take again before the registration period begins, and apply for the courses according to the instructions for each course.

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