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First Fall Commencement Ceremony for Academic Year 2022, School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation (ISI) Sep.30,2022

On Thursday, September 22, 2022, the ISI's first Fall Commencement Ceremony was held at the Ito Campus. Four students received their degrees.

The graduates have experienced major changes in their social and student lives, such as many classes being moved online due to the spread of COVID-19. Despite facing such difficult circumstances, the graduates have been earnestly working on the problem-solving curriculum and team-based learning (TBL) to acquire the "Interdisciplinary Problem-Solving Skills" that the ISI aims for, and the results were evident in their excellent presentations on their graduation research, the Degree Project.

At the ceremony, Dean Kaburagi gave a warm congratulatory address to the graduates, saying, " The world will continue to change but the essentials of life will not change so much.  Look at the world as it is and follow your inner voice. Your studies at ISI will help you.” In response, the representative of the graduates, Ms. Airi Chen from Taiwan, gave a speech. “I feel that being able to meet friends and teachers here is the greatest fortune I have acquired in ISI. The age of chaos is coming. But as long as we continue to think and never give up on seeking wisdom, our hope will never be cut off. “She also strongly expressed her determination to make use of the significance of what she learned at ISI and the results of her studies in the global society at large.

After the ceremony, the students took pictures and said goodbye to their classmates and faculty members as they departed for the next stage of their lives.


Dean Kaburagi who gave a warm congratulatory address to the graduates


Ms. Chen gave her speech


With their growth warmly observed by faculty members, the graduates have stepped out into a new world.



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