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ISI online short-term program “Virtual Program in Holocaust Studies” Mar.4,2022

The ISI Online Short-Term Study Abroad Program "Virtual Program in Holocaust Studies" was conducted in three sessions on February 20 (Sunday), February 23 (Wednesday) and March 2 (Wednesday), 2022. The program was organized by Prof. Johan Lauwereyns (Vice Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation) in collaboration with Dr. David Deutsch (Yad Vashem, the Israeli National Memorial established to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust), Prof. Glenn Timmermans (the University of Macau), and Dr. Ran Zwigenberg (Visiting Professor at Kyushu University).

The purpose of this program was to deepen our understanding of the history of the Holocaust and to reflect on current issues in the representation of genocide. The program consisted of fifteen study hours, with ten hours of live contact between Jerusalem, Macau, and Fukuoka. A total of more than seventy students and scholars participated, including fourteen students from ISI who completed this program as an official part of their curriculum.

Our students gained valuable experiences, listening to the testimony of a Holocaust survivor, attending the lectures of several world-leading Holocaust scholars, and discussing with fellow students at the University of Macau.


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From the program flyer


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Powerful testimony by survivor Ms. Rena Quint


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Participants listening to the testimony

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